About Torque Depot

We bring all the world’s great Industrial Engine Brands together on one comparison site, you can quickly and reliably identify your optimal industrial engine, and save money and resources while you do it.

It helps manufacturers and their distributor/ dealer networks too – by ensuring they have the most up to date information about products in the industry, allowing them to confidently grow market share with our useful tools.

It’s no secret. The Off-Highway Industrial Engine industry works in silos. And if I were a farmer, with that many silo’s, I’d be smiling from ear to ear. BUT! How easy has that made it to find the best engine? Exceptionally hard.

By now your’e asking…. who are these guys? What on earth made them set this up? Business has been traditionally conducted VERY differently in the past….

And you’re right. It is different, but well within our capability and yours, and definitely not as crazy as you might think. Our Team has operated in the complex world of web dev, data tech, customer services and Industrial Engine spheres for over 30 years. Our engagement in the Industrial Engine space was secured when we interviewed and engaged some very smart folk in your industry and the deeper we investigated, the more businesses we found crying out for this very service.

‘OEM’s want confidence in their engine choice and a simple way of finding them and Manufacturers want Sales opportunities, tools and data intelligence to intelligently grow market share.

And so Torque Depot was created. We are a solid team of data, web, sales and Engineering specialists, with credibility out the kazoo and more than 30 years of experience. We have deeply etched connections in the off-highway engine industry who are engaged, fostering and fueling our mission. It just makes your life so much easier.

So, if you’ve ever feel frustrated by not knowing which is the best Off-Highway Industrial Engine for your application, or even what your options are then Torque Depot is for you.

‘We exist to make your life easy. To simplify the world of Industrial Engines and help you confidently and simply find the right engine for your application.’


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How we make your life easier?

The One And Only.  Operated in the web dev, data tech, sales & customer services spheres for over 30 years, we hit our sweet spot with Torque Depot. There is no other platform that provides detailed data on all 50,000+ engines and intelligently compares them. Very handy that.

Brand Comparison. We connect you to all the manufacturers. With 80 brands to compare, we’ve got the big brands you’d expect to see, as well as plenty of providers less well known. We know this is the only way to identify whether you have the best product for your application, and by having them all in the one place, we’ll save you buckets of time and effort and get you in touch with the best distributor meeting your needs.

Industrial Engines Are Our Life. We have been working with OEM’s and Engineers comparing Industrial Engines for over 30 years. We know the products and services like the back of our hand and pride ourselves on having experts from the Industrial Engine industry embedded across our business.

Uncovering Best Product Fit. We’ve built our Tools, including our Torque Depot Rating, so that you can select a best-fit product based on criterion that is important to you. Also, we have other important tools which assist with clarifying important decision-making criterion that you may have never considered.

Client First Approach. There are many ways we live this promise and we are proud of our independence. We reflect this in our unbiased reviews and assessments. All Comparison Tool outcomes are data driven based on data available within the industry.

Our Team Charter

Our Team aims to put consumers first by producing content that simplifies the world of Industrial Engines and empowers our website visitors to make more informed decisions about their Industrial Engine purchases. We:

  • endeavour to be a quality source of content for Engines for Industrial Applications. We aim to be accurate, clear and to provide consumers with the full picture. We ensure opinion is clearly marked as such, and we offer companies and individuals a right of reply where appropriate.
  • celebrate industry best practice. We only use reputable sources of information and ensure all data is accurate. We have high standards, aim to be error-free, and ensure inaccuracies are corrected quickly.
  • keep our customers at the heart of our work by ensuring we are free from commercial or political influence. We are strongly independent.
  • aim to inform and inspire wider discussion on the topics that matter in the industrial engine world, through responsible, fact-based content and editing.
  • try to showcase a wide range of opinions and don’t shy away from exploring conflicting views.

Case Studies

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