In this article, we address the most important questions that you should ask yourself PRIOR to getting in front of a dealer/ distributor. This will help you assess the suitability for an Industrial Engine for your particular application.

Well, no matter where you look, it is hard to find information on the best way to go about selecting a new Industrial Engine. It seems to us that the Manufacturers (Brands) have this tightly held to their chests with most preferring to do business one-on-one through their distributor/ dealer network. Fair enough – its the way its always been….

Answer me this though.  When you go to a dealer or distributor, how can you be sure they are not just trying to sell you their engine? Wouldn’t your rather them to listen to your specification, give you a critical appraisal against your requirements and assess that against some suitable options on the market? I know for certain that is what I would prefer.  In a situation as critical as getting an engine optimally specified to meet the requirements of a finely tuned application, its important to know that you are getting it right, not just being sold to.

Lets be incredibly clear, the Industrial Engine market are not on their own when it comes to this kind of practice. But, this article breaks down some of the barriers and arms you with great considerations to make prior to getting in front of them. Torque Depot also provides a Comparison Tool and a Concierge Service which takes the pain out of all of this.

So, we clearly understand the intentions of a distributor/ dealer when we are speaking with them. And yes, they are good people. Not debating that. But they have finite brands and resources to work with.  Here are the top considerations you need to make PRIOR to getting in front of them;

  • How many KW/ HP do I need?
  • Have I factored in my losses? If you need more information in this, please read our other article xxx.
  • How much Torque do I need?
  • Is it a variable or constant engine required?
  • What are the considerations/ limitations on my engine dimensions – are their weight or dimension requirements?
  • Do I have particular SAE considerations? If you need more on this, please read our other article on YYY.
  • Where am I running it? Are there temperature considerations, altitude considerations?

And, consider

  • Where am I going to distribute this engine and will I be able to get it serviced if my customer has a problem?
  • What is the dealer’s capacity to deliver on time?
  • Is there another engine that could do the job with less
  • commitment to you the customer
  • the external relationships (sub-contractors)
  • supply of or access to the necessary component resources
  • qualified technician resources (are they adequate and experienced ?)
  • The repair entities’ stability and capacity to provide suitable warranty
  • Your ability to have a quality dialogue with decision makers